The study of religion is the multidisciplinary academic field dedicated to research on religious beliefs, behaviors and institutions. Describes, compares, interprets and explains religion, emphasizing systematic, historically based and intercultural perspectives. While theology attempts to understand the nature of transcendent or supernatural forces (such as deities), religious studies attempt to study religious behavior and belief outside of any particular religious point of view. They draw on various disciplines and their methodologies, including anthropology, sociology, psychology, philosophy and history of religion.

The study of religion as a separate science began to form in the nineteenth century. Currently, this type of studies covers regularities of appearance, development and function of religion, its various phenomena, as they were presented in the history of society, interconnection and mutual interaction of religion, and other cultural spheres. Religion is being studied at a societal, group, and personality level. If you are studying religion, certainly somewhere in the process, you will need to do work on various topics.

The key point in the secular study of religion is its philosophical content:

Religion allows the development of more universal notions and object theories that aid specific sciences (literary studies, folklore, philology, juridical science, anthropology, art studies, etc.) by considering religion in its own view

Religion research inevitably addresses issues of philosophical beliefs about the person, society, and the world. At this point, the study is based on the legacy of the philosophical idea, history of the natural and social sciences, particularly on the achievements of the contemporary technological revolution, the scientific explanation of religion.

Advances in anthropology, medicine, psychology, pedagogy, physics, chemistry, cybernetics, biology, cosmology, ecology, etc. serve as a basis for solving the corresponding belief problems.

Origin of Religion

The approach of natural science to human origin and the emergence of religion can be summarized as follows: ancient peoples, observing and understanding the surrounding world, understood that there was no chaos but a well-ordered universe. This approach assumes religion as an exceptionally human product, especially in light of ideas about the Big Bang theory and the origin of species. The traditional approach to human origin is quite simple – man is created by God, and religion is given to men so that there are rules, the rules of God.

Considering all the implications of this subject, you will be able to address varied subjects in your works. Religion walks by step with many other sciences and fields of the human and social sciences, thus enabling different and different approaches of diverse and very interesting topics to analyze.

The Multidisciplinarity of Religious Studies

The content of knowledge does not only come to the philosophical aspect we have mentioned above. Religious knowledge comprises sociological, psychological, historical, semiotic, linguistic, and other components that provide insight into particular sides of the object with the help of sufficient theories and methods.

There are theoretical and historical studies of religion. The former elaborate a conceptual structure, offer object conceptions, etc., the latter create diachronic and synchronous images. The theoretical type is also linked to an empirical one: in this case, it is important to emphasize that the theoretical type examines the essence and primary regularities, while empirical type deals with phenomena of religion, which tend to serve topics frequently in articles of religious studies.

Functions of the Study of Religion

Modern studies of religion serve the following functions:

A global vision function, which lies in the surrender of world perception, religion to man (explanation of the world in general), world view (reflection of the world in sensation and apprehension), world perception (emotional acceptance and rejection) . The spiritual worldview sets the boundaries of the world, the so-called “models” that help understand the world, society, and the person as an individual. Often we can find out more about your global vision function and the world when reading religious articles.

The existential function of religion consists in its internal support to a person for whom it is presented as a factor that makes sense. Man is a being with “instinct of causality”. He does not feel fulfilled or happy just with the satisfaction of his physiological requests. His conceptual thinking, distracting himself from a variety of visible manifestations, attempts to understand his own origin, origin of the world, and human destiny. These are philosophical questions, and religion is one of the sources for answering them. Religion serves as support and critical importance for millions of believers who also prefer to become familiar with various religious writings.

Integrating the role of religion involves uniting society around some principles and directing it to a specific development path. The political role of religion lies in its ability to have an impact on the state civil society system.

Topics for Religious Studies

If you are studying religion, as in almost every course, you will need to write papers and articles on the subject or perhaps even a monograph or thesis. The first thing you will need to worry about is the choice of topic. Choosing a good topic is crucial to doing a great job. Are you feeling a bit lost? Courses in the areas of Religion can cover a wide range of different topics. Let us suggest some of them:

  • Does religion cause the progress of mankind or vice versa?
  • Religion in my Family.
  • How does religion have an impact on historical events?
  • Religious Festivals and their role in the life of modern society.
  • Which religion do I identify with the most and why?

My attitude towards atheism.

Archaeological data give evidence that, from the beginning of history, people have always had some spiritual sensation. In fact, reports of spiritual practices are one of the most important criteria for identifying whether prehistoric remains belong to man or not.

For example, the Neanderthal gospel can be proved because of the existence and nature of its burial places: the specific rituals that accompanied funerals, gifts that were given to the dead. All of this suggests belief in the afterlife and the fact that the dead can influence people. In human history, all of society relied on religion. In fact, even the so-called atheist groups possessed distorted religiosity with their own symbols, dominant ideology and cult of personality. All these facts can be discussed in depth in a thesis of religious studies.

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